1.8.02 (not yet released)

  • Debug:  Remove Dump in Repeat Until. Test for continuation and if necessary throw an exception.


  • Debug:  Notice warning reading URL in util. fixed.
  • Upgrade flags to work with Joomla 3.7


  • Feature change in the upcoming module to allow premium customers to change how far ahead the system looks for events.


  • Resolved circular call when checking temporary licence.


  • Calendar Selection in premium now checks and rewrites selection if no valid calendars are selected.
  • Repeat Until time was converted to local time, but should have been converted to UTC as supplied by Google. Now converted to UTC time correctly.
  • Corrected cache timing for calendar renewal.


  • Test for event creation collision in event save.
  • Display of multiday events.


  • Preparation for Joomla 3.5 - Not Completed for this release.
  • Bug in Month repeat when selecting 5th week of the month.
  • Reduce Memory Usage Issues tweaks.
  • Bug not allowing delete of Calendars
  • Test and load query where possible only once.
  • Recurrent Event management to allow changes in a repeat set to correctly update individual events.


  • Changes in the parsing system to decrease memory usage.
  • Misspell of author email in the mod_gicalreader XML corrected.
  • Event URL storage changed from BLOG to TINYTEXT.


  • Log now stamps version on Package/Component and PHP Version.


  • Check if SQL events for a Calendar are empty, and force read from Google if found true.

1.7.2 - Never Released

  • Moved log language to the language files.


  • Monthly, Yearly and Daily repeat management repair.
  • Test and remove master repeat record correctly.
  • Do not write file checksum when testing file for reload, but only on actual reload. 
  • On delete all events call, calendar checksum and last update are now cleared correctly.


  • Release version (includes changes in version 1.6.7 and 1.6.8)
  • Added debug logging to the event management when events repeat.

1.6.8-Beta (not released.)

  • Added logging functionality to capture attempts to download from Google. 
  • Added Event Management Property - pageurl
  • Repaired month display to allow day selection correctly using the new pageurl property.  To implement this change change the following line in the month display
<div class="dayspan {{daytype}} {{monthtype}}" ><b><a href="{{{pageurl}}}?Itemid={{Itemid}}&amp;wdate={{date}}&amp;startIndex=0&amp;modGiCalReaderView=day" style="color: black">{{day}}</a></b><br />
{{{pageurl}}} replaces index.php
This change is not required for new installations, not on upgrade, you will need to change this item manually.
Page URL Change

1.6.7-Beta (not released.)

  • When testing the licence key, the key is now trimmed of any space before or after the key.
  • complete rebuild of the library to remove repetition of code.
  • Cache system update to reduce number of Google Calls.
  • Curl URL calls now backed up by standard PHP Calls.  PHP standard call are made after Curl error received.


  • Further reduced calls to testing of the calendar URL on redirect. Tidied issue with calendar key.


  • Some sites experience a 500 Server error.  This appears to be a lack of available memory issue.  Increasing the memory allocation to php may help fix this issue.  Changes done in code to decrease the number of sql transactions..


  • Google changed their default address for loading the calendar.  The old link redirects, but this program did not follow the redirect.  The program has been updated to the new default link, and a test is made for any redirect and if necessary, the redirect is followed.


  • Registry test to ensure empty registry is handled correctly. 
  • Updated sql install file (bug introduced in 1.6.0)
  • Agenda View default not correctly displaying the dates.


  • Further testing os date-time management changes.
  • Repair of links for event display to lock the current view when the link placed.


  • Spelling correction in Language file for mod_gicalreader
  • Replaced php date command with component date command
  • Replaced php strtotime command with component strtodate command
  • Pointed all date and strtotime occurrences to component command.


  • Extensive testing of the time-zone management.  Speed up of Calendar store to local database (up to 60 seconds for 1000 calendar events.)  Render of time-zone testing in the Tools menu to suite the system changes.


  • Complete re-write of the datetime interface to ensure that correct times are displayed regardless of input time-zone.  Now works correctly when the input to the calendar is over multiple time-zones and the output is locked to the display time-zone, selected in the GiCalReader settings.  The program now IGNORES the server time-zone settings completely.  The version was never released.  Database alteration for storage of the event time stamps.


  • Addresses an issue when a calendar event has been posted by a person who has the time zone set differently to the displaying calendar.  The update corrects the display time to the time zone of the display calendar.


  • System Check now truncates ALL the events in the database.


  • Force Event reload from Google when the component is upgraded.


  • Captured Recurrence ID in parser and removed reference to event being replaced.


  • Feed now searches for EXDATE and correctly acts on removing dates NOT included in the series.
  • At rebuild of feed, look for events that where not updated and delete.


  • Cache Issue causing feed to not refresh correctly.
  • Restored file_get_contents as an option to retrieve Calendar from Google when curl is not available on the system.


  • Bug fix on Site Component that stopped the display of event details.
  • Changed Google Reader to capture exceptions more effectively.


  • Cache management changes to correct an incorrect clearing of the cache for reading the calendar from Google.


  • Release to general Use.


  • Returns HTML headers from Google to help on diagnosis of failure on system check.


  • System check now does hard reset of the data read from Google, and forces reset of data in the sql database.


  • More CSS important informent on Monthly Display;  Added white-space: nowrap !important;


  • Added !important to CSS to ensure colour override of display.


  • Parsing error in Monthly repeats for repeated events set in the last week of the month.  Repaired.
  • Parsing of details created using Outlook.

0.1.4 - 0.1.8

  • No release of these version
  • General Bug Fixes


  • bug fix: Description not correctly being read and stored. Repaired.
  • Due to bug in Description, a new default Agenda display has been created.


  • added transparency to the image render for views and a set of different ICON templates to use on the display.


  • added course date testing to decrease load time of events when reading from Google Calendar


  • Older PHP not correctly converting date strings.  Create  startRaw and endRaw Mustache codes to handle and make backwards compatible date handling.


  • Addition of ability for premium customers to restrict which views are used in the Google iCal Reader Module.  
  • Added ability to parse WKST found in older Google Calendar events.


  • Full integration of Mustache templates for all displays.  General polish and testing of the core components and modules. 

0.0.7 and Earlier

  • These version were part of the development and beta testing of the product and should not be used on a production site.