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Premium Features

You can purchase the premium features online.

Maximum Events

The maximun events returned on a search is released in the premium version.  Otherwise the limit is always set at 5.

Week Start

The premium version allows you to set which day of the week is first.

Calendar Display

GiCal Reader allows you to have one or more calendar feeds from Google.  The premium version allows you to select which calendars are displayed on a page, The default is all calendars.

Default Module View

The module that displays events can display the events in monthly, weekly, daily or Agenda View.  The default view is set to Monthly, but pourchase of the premium package releases this option for you to set the display first seen when the page loads.

Allowed Module Views

The premium version allows you to limit the views seen by the customer.  By default all views are available.

Look Ahead

Limits how far ahead the upcoming events view looks for events. Default to 100 Days.