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Google iCal Reader Component

Joomla Component Menu
Once installed in your Joomla Site, you will need to link the component to one (or more) Google Calendars.  This is done in the administrator section of the Joomla Site.  You will find the link to the control panel on the component Menu. Your component menu may be different to the image shown above, but if the component is installed correctly you will see a menu item labelled "Google iCal Reader", that has a sub menu, but clicking the menu item will open the control panel, pictured below.
Control Panel
There are also a number of settings in the Global Configuration, found under the System Menu.

System Configuration
Use this page to set the timezone for your calendar, the refresh rate (how often the system checks Google for changes to your calendars,) the license key for your purchase (not required) and the level of logging for GiCalReader.