Calendar Settings in Google

There are a number of settings on the Google site that you need to perform to ensure that your calendar if ready to be used in your Joomla site.

Sharing your Calendar

You need to share your calendar on Google before the calendar reader can collect and display your calendar on your Joomla site.  Sharing your calendar is done using the settings sections for your calendar.  Using the small arrow to the right of the calendar name to open the context menu and open the Calendar Settings

Opening the settings in Google Calendar

Image 1: Opening Calendar Settings

Calendar Settings Tabs

The settings opens with a number of tabs at the top of the page as shown in Image 2.

Selection Tabs

Image 2: Selection Tabs

Calendar Identifier

You will need the calendar identifier to transfer into the calendar settings in the Joomla extension.  The calendar identifier is found on the 'Calendar Details' page.

Calendar ID Location

Image 3: Calendar Identifier Location

Calendar Sharing

The setting for sharing your calendar also require changes.  You can find these settings on the 'Share this Calendar' tab.  Ensure that the Share this calendar with others is ticked, as well as the ticking the Make this calendar public check-box.

Sharing Settings
Image 4: Sharing Settings